The Club has a small range of products in the Club colours and carrying the club logo.
These include:

Jackets – details soon  club jacket

Hats – details soon

T shirts – details soon



Pack of stickerskapiti_logo2 cut
Grab a pack of self adhesive stickers with the club logo. These are suitable for putting on your planes, field kits, car window etc.
3 sizes – 150×60, 100×40, and 50×20.
A pack of 12 assorted sizes is available for $10.


Custom graphics
We can also print non standard sizes so if you want a 1000×400 sign for the wing of your half scale Extra, we can help.  There is no practical limit on size.
An example is now on the club house.  Also able to do in any colour background to suit your plane’s decor.

Contact the secretery for more information.